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Power Jack Repair

Replacing / resoldering broken power jacks / dc sockets is another common repair we carry out.

Loose sockets, broken or missing centre pins, pushed in and completely damaged.

We're laptop repair specialists in Oxford, Oxfordshire — We fix laptops fast and professionally.

Symptoms of broken power connector

  • Intermittent battery charging when moving power lead
  • Laptop won't power up and battery light is flashing
  • Laptop only runs on battery power
  • Pin in the centre of the power jack is loose, pushed in, broken or missing
  • Whole connector is loose, pushed in, broken or missing
  • The screen brightness changes between bright and dim
  • Laptop has been dropped and fallen down on socket while plugged in

Prices are model dependent.

How long will it take? All laptops come with different type of power jacks. We have almost all power socket replacements and most of repairs are ready the SAME DAY (up to 3 working days if needs to be ordered).