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Laptop Over Heating?

How do I recognise an overheating laptop? Two clear symptoms: – If your laptop turns on and starts freezing and shutting down after a few minutes. – if the fan zone and surrounding back cover are hot, it is very likely to be an overheating problem.

How does it happen? A laptop “breathes” only through the grid situated under the case, where the fan is located as well. If the computer is placed on a flat, clean surface such a desk or a table, it works normally and should not overheat. If however the laptop is used on your lap for a long period or on a bed, it cannot recycle the air inside, leading to the overheating of the processor, up to its temperature security auto shutdown. Here are some recommendations on how to prevent your laptop from overheating. If you start hearing your fan blowing louder and more often than usual, it’s advisable to check for the causes before facing the consequences, that could be loss of data due to the computer shutting down in the middle of your work, or/and some System files lost due to the sudden crash/shutdown of Windows.

Remedial work from £75 prices are model-dependent.

Price quoted includes thermal compound change on the main processor, motherboard chipset, graphic chipset, fan de-dusting.

Prices are model dependent if fan needs to be replaced. Please contact us and we can give you an exact price for your laptop repair.

Most of repairs are ready the SAME DAY (up to 3 working days if parts need to be ordered).