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Laptop Liquid Spill Repair

Accidental liquid damage is probably the worst thing you can do to a laptop. We all know that water and electricity don't mix and watching your morning coffee disappear into your beloved notebook machine often seems like it will be 'game over' for your computer.

So what can you do about a liquid spill on your laptop? First off you should make sure follow these simple rules:

  • Do not switch your laptop on. Powering your laptop on and off to see if it still works can cause irreversible damage
  • Remove all of the power sources from your laptop. This includes both the mains power supply and the battery. The activity of combining electricity and liquids will begin as soon as the liquid contacts the powered circuits so removing the power and battery immediately is essential
  • Remove any external devices that are plugged into the laptop
  • Turn the laptop upside down to stop the liquid from travelling deeper into the computer
  • Clean whatever liquid you can from the surface area of the laptop
  • Call us on  01865 772 037  to book your laptop in for repair

When booking your laptop in for a liquid spill repair you should be aware of the following things:

  • Your laptop will need to be stripped down and thoroughly cleaned by a Adams IT Services engineer. As you can imagine, this is a lengthy process and so our maximum workshop charge of two hours £35 will always apply
  • Because it is impossible to tell how badly a laptop is damaged by a liquid spill the full price for stripping and cleaning the laptop will always be payable on completion of the work, even if the laptop is beyond repair. We will always do our very best to repair your laptop but sometimes the damage done will be too great
  • Even if we can make your laptop work again there can often be parts that need replacing. Keyboards and mouse 'track pads' are often damaged beyond repair by liquid spills and the damage may only become apparent after a few days. For example, keys may become 'sticky' and unresponsive. If your Adams IT Services engineer advises that parts should be replaced and you decide not to go ahead with replacements then Adams IT Services will not be held liable for problems at a later date
  • Replacement parts and fitting of replacement parts are not included in the workshop charge
  • As part of our service we will create a detailed damage report for you. In the event of your laptop being beyond repair this report may be used as part of an insurance claim to have the laptop replaced.