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SSD Upgrade

SSD Upgrade

A fresh operating system installation with a new Solid State Drive (SSD) can do wonders. Your old laptop, PC, iMac or Macbook can feel like brand new again with our popular service. SSD upgrades are the most cost-efficient way to speed up your old laptop.

Why bother with SSD’s?… in summary:

– A data transfer rate of up to ten times faster!
– Boot up speeds, program loading and general usage become vastly improved
– No moving parts – less to get damaged, particularly for laptops on the move!
– Improved battery life/ power usage

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As you can see the laptop boots up from cold to the desktop in under 13 seconds!


How the upgrade works

You have 2 options when deciding to upgrade your hard drive to a SSD.

  • Fresh installation of Windows 10 and all your personal files copied across
  • Clone the existing hard drive to the new SSD.


A fresh installation of Windows will always work really well. It really will be like a brand new computer. It’s a good opportunity to get rid of all those old programs you haven’t used for years.

All your personal files and photos will be copied across to the new SSD.

Programs such as Chrome, Microsoft Office and other software you use will need to be reinstalled. I can do this for you if you have relevant license keys and installation disks.


I can clone your existing hard drive to the new SSD which means you won’t have to reinstall any programs. Everything will be the same as before except your computer will run much faster.

Please note, this option is not recommended if you are currently having problems with Windows.

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